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Trafalgar Square lions

Trafalgar Square lions

Recently I spent a day in London.  It rained and it rained ….   I had a thoroughly enjoyable day but I’m afraid that the rain shows all too clearly in my photos, with umbrellas and puddles everywhere.  Obviously there is far too much in London to see in a day – or even a week or a month – but I had very set objectives so in fact even the weather didn’t worry me.  My first port of call was to Brick Lane but that is best visited on a Sunday.  I found the fabric wholesaler that I wanted to see and then headed over to Trafalgar Square for a visit to the National Gallery.

Nelsons Column, Trafalgar Square

Nelsons Column, Trafalgar Square

I had not realised until recently that Trafalgar Square technically belongs to the Queen, although it is administered by the London authorities.  This view is taken from the National Gallery steps and you can see Nelson’s Column in the centre of the square with a fountain on either side – and lots of puddles throughout.  You can just about see the great wheel of the London Eye behind the column in the skyline.

Cockerel in Trafalgar Square

Cockerel in Trafalgar Square

One of the features of this square is that there are four plinths, three of which have statues on them.  The fourth plinth has no fixed occupant.  Over the years the spot has featured many different art forms.  At the moment it is a sky blue cockerel.  It is so bright that your eye can’t help being drawn to it, but I won’t pretend that I like it.

National Gallery, London

National Gallery, London

It was the National Gallery that I had come to visit and what a treat that was.  It’s free entry and there is just so much to see.  I wondered amongst the various exhibitions until my feet hurt and probably saw only a fraction of the different rooms.  One of the jewels of London without a doubt.  Once I had left there I rounded off the day with a meal with my lovely daughter before heading for the train back to Shropshire.

Pigeon in the rain

Pigeon in the rain

One final thought – the pigeons of Trafalgar Square have sometimes become a problem when there are just too many of them, but there were very few of them there when I visited.  I think that the bedraggled look of this one explains why.

Front view of lion, Traflagar Square, London

Front view of lion, Trafalgar Square, London

I couldn’t resist showing you one more photo of the lions.  There are four of them guarding Nelson’s Column.

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20 Responses to DAY OUT IN LONDON

  1. Carol Gedeon says:

    My husband and I had a very good trip to London.a few years back. We sat in Westminster and went to see Big Ben and then we went to Shakespeare’s house , we also went to Oxford.

    • rose says:

      Thanks for commenting, Carol. I went to Westminster Cathedral for a service a few years ago – it is such a beautiful building and the atmosphere inside is wonderful. I’ll have to go by there next time I’m in London.

  2. Joy Thornby says:

    Rain or no Rain its good to have a day out and even more so in London!
    Are you going to Ally Pally Exhibition? My husband is taking me by car and trailing behind me as we walk around – bless him!
    We are going by car because I cant walk for long periods so we can then drive around London and see the sights!

    take care

    • rose says:

      You’re right, Joy. It’s always good to have a break. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. I hope he does at least get some pleasure from the show. I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to the show yet.

  3. San-Dee says:

    What wonderful photos, Rose! I visited London two years ago when my daughter was a student. This is such a lovely reminder of that time.
    Thank you!
    San-Dee,Bethesda, MD USA

  4. Valerie says:

    I love the photos. I will probably never get to see London (although it is on my bucket list), so getting a glimpse of a few of your “treasures” is great. Thanks for sharing with us. And thanks for all the fun you share with us with your quilts and “how tos”.

  5. jan says:

    Just to let you know I look forward to receiving your e-mails

    Thank you


  6. Sandra Barnett says:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures of your wonderful day out. So what if it rained it’s just nice to be out and about Glad you enjoyed your day and thanks for sharing your pics.

  7. Lola Howard says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures ,it is a treat for those that can’t and never will be able to visit London.

  8. margaret deller says:

    Dear Rose, Your day out brought made me smile as I remember a day in London many years ago which was just the opposite to yours,it was the hottest day of the last century and we sweltered in Trafalgar Square. So pleased you enjoyed your day out.

    • rose says:

      Thanks for your kind comments, Margaret. Sounds like you had a much better day than I did. Did you use the fountains to cool down?

  9. irene vernon says:

    Always something to see and do in London. One of the famous quotes ‘When you,re tired of London you,re tired of Life’ Love to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, specially when they have a Textile Show on there. Love everything you share on here for us Rose – thank you so much.

  10. Elizajane says:

    Your so lucky to be able to visit London for a day. I was last there in 1968. We almost visited when
    in a July trip to Scotland in 2005,but had too much to see in Edienbourgh which was fortunate (in a way) as that was the day of the bombings.
    I hope to be able to get back to London ,if only for a day.

    • rose says:

      Hi Elizajane. London must have been fun in 1968 – all that flower power and Carnaby Street. Sounds like you were lucky not to be there in 2005 – safer in Scotland on that particular day.

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